All our kits include all the building material needed for completion of the models. All you need is a sharp knife, some pins, carpenters glue (white glue or aliphatic),a building board and of course ACKUS model of your choice!


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Antoinette The prototype, built in 1909 by Levavasseur in France, won the Prix de l'altitude with a record of 508 feet (155 metres). Can you beat that with your Antoinette?


This model is built directly on the on the plan which doubles as covering. The plan/covering, balsa strips, music wire for the undercarriage, wheels, an efficient propeller and rubber strip for the motor is included and will result in a good looking, well flying model. The model is based on a design by Bill Hannan.


Wing span 32 cm (13"), length 36 cm (14")






While preparing this side I am interested in sharing ideas with model builders abroad. Please mail me on info@ackus.com

Rune Johansson